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SHAREit is surprisingly easy to use and has an inviting design that makes you want to use it. The process is also very straightforward. First, locate and load the source files (SHAREit can process multiple files simultaneously). Next, choose where or to whom you wish to send the files. This step involves the person at the other end or the other device to acknowledge the transfer by clicking the ‘Receive’ button. Now the devices can see each other, the exchange can take place. One of the shortfalls of SHAREit is that the devices do need to be quite close together in order to identify one another and complete the file exchange. One of the benefits is that SHAREit works with most firewalls and routers without you needing to enter any complicated configuration menus. For a free app, SHAREit is surprisingly accomplished and can transfer gigabytes of data within minutes. This is great if you want to back-up the contents of your phone onto your PC for safe-keeping and to free up some memory. SHAREit supports a wide variety of file types ranging from images to songs, and videos to documents. This tool provides a nifty and competent way of completing file transfers promptly and without any fuss.


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